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Monday, January 19, 2009

Get your act together!

Get your act together, that was my theme for the day....and I failed very miserably lol!  Luckily the day is not yet over so I can still make up for some of it.  Days when the PO are closed I always seem to have trouble (more than normal) getting motivated.  
I did create a flickr group for snapshots of the Artfire Item of the Hour to help people see if they made it.  Kind of had a "Duh" moment while I was google searching for a list of the items that had already made item of the hour.  I really need some people from different countries to join and help me add the items that make it while I am sleeping (also people here to help add items while I'm out).  I've set it up to where everyone can add photos but please only add Items of the Hour.  You can check out/join the group here:
Just moved one of my favorite lampshades from Etsy over to Artfire. This one:
I'm trying to get back into posting more often so I'm going to try and keep them short 'n' sweet =)


esque said...

Lovely lampshades! Transports me right to Paris!


Michelle said...

that lampshade is so much fun :) Love it