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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Important USPS Info

Well I feel silly for not knowing this sooner (and I've been shipping through USPS for almost a year) but I feel its important to share with anyone else who may not know. On this site there is this very important note:

Note: All Package Services parcels mailed with Delivery Confirmation must measure at least 3/4" at the thickest point, or be in a rigid box.

If you are printing your shipping labels as USPS First Class Mail through Paypal it will automatically add Delivery Confirmation (from what I have seen there is no option to remove this). So if you are shipping an item First Class Mail and printing the label through Paypal make sure that it is more than 3/4" thick or, if caught, they will return the package to you or deliver it to the recipient and charge for Priority Shipping--not something you want one of your buyers to have to deal with!

I've been very lucky this past year and not had any trouble with my mouse pads (they weigh 9oz but when packaged are only 1/2" thick), but from what I've seen in the Etsy fora the USPS is cracking down!


P and J Crafts said...

Yes, I had to learn all about delivery confirmation a few years ago when I sold cross stitch leaflets on Ebay. I ended up putting a wadded up Walmart plastic bag in the envelope to thicken it. Now, with the purses, I don't have to worry about it. There were days I would get an envelope sealed with a shipping label taped to it and then realize I forgot to make it thick enough. :-( Frustrating!

When you have time, you have an award waiting for you on my blog.


P and J Crafts said...

Well, I think I got tired from all the messages I've sent out today. I meant to put my blog address, not my Etsy one.


tkmetalarts said...

Thanks for the info. Looks like I had been lucky so far but will now know to thicken up my packages to the buyers. See, there are other "dummies" like me out there who appreciates this obvious piece of info. :)

Ambient Lights said...

Thanks for the info 3z! Good thing I have lots of tissue paper and peanuts :)

creativehaven said...

I have recently started using You can get a four week free trial, $10 free postage for 4 or 5 mos.,and a free 5 pound usb postal scale. Their rates are cheaper than going through PP or USPS. Just thought I would share. The basic package I have is $14.95/mo. Seems to be worth it so far...and you can cancel at any time.