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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A little ticked off, but not too surprised...

I had a buyer over the weekend on Etsy that I was wary of their intentions with my product (worried they were buying it to resale as their own). In attempts to figure out what to do I e-mailed asking for any advice or if they'd had any problems with this person in the past. This is what I get in response:

Hi Alexandria

If you feel uncomfortable with this sale or buyer, you can cancel the transaction using the link under Items in Your Etsy. Have you received payment for the item?

You know your craft and business best, and Etsy will stand behind your policies as a seller (provided they are consistent with ours). This Etsy Street Team, Sellers Assisting Sellers (SAS),can offer private advice from one seller to another:

We hope this helps.

Yup that was about as helpful as a third elbow (is that the saying? does not sound right...).  Who would have a policy about suspicious e-mail addresses???  I can see why so many people "call out" in the can't get a friggin' straight answer in that place!  All I needed was a simple, "No we haven't had any problems with this buyer in the past" and maybe some advice on what to do if there is a problem in the future.  Really makes me appreciate how wonderful the Artfire staff has been to me...I even got a call from them to try and help me out.
Oh well!  I went ahead and shipped the item & treated it like a normal transaction.  So hopefully everything works out OK, I know I'm probably just being over paranoid.  Thanks for listening to my rant!
*EDIT* Just went to check my twitter and had an @reply from the President of Artfire...take that Etsy! *winky face*


Unknown said...

due... i wanted to close my supply shop.. Sent an email from the email connected, gave the username, paid the bill and asked for it to be closed.

i got back the FAQ form letter..

'does my item belong on etsy?'
"why can i sign in"
"where is my confirmation email."


6 emails later, the shop is closed.

Deb (On Cupcake Moon) said...

you know my thoughts!!!! i love AF and how helpful everyone is.

tkmetalarts said...

John at AF is such an approachable guy. Wait, do I even know who are the chiefs on Etsy?