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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Flea Market 2

I went and set up our flea market booth today and have to say I am now very excited about it! The manager is so cool. She told me as long as it isn't extremely loud or hazardous I can work while I am up there, so I've got the booth set up where 2/3 is items for sale and 1/3 is work area & checkout counter. This is going to take SO much stress off for me. I'm going to be there from 9-6 Thursdays-Saturdays and now I will actually be able to work on the orders from the booth...yay! I'm going to take the laptop up there Thursday and see if I can mooch some wifi off one of the neighbors, if that works I will be set! On top of all of that...our house is somewhat clean! Not only do I have storage for all of my finished and discontinued products, but I'm also getting rid of some of this crap that has just been piling up. Anyway wish me luck! As I said I'll be up there Thurs-Saturday so if anyone e-mails me or tries to contact me elsewhere during that time, my response will be more delayed than normal. Hope everyone is having a good week so far...sheesh it feels like its already Thursday! Here's some of my new sushi light plates before I go:



Brandy said...

Those sushi plates look delicious! I like the colors.

I bet this flea market is going to go great for you. It sounds like an amazing opportunity. I wish we had something like that around here!! Good luck and I hope it goes better than planned.

Polly said...

What memories this post brings to me! My house became overrun with crafts, crafts-in-progress, supplies and everything that goes with along with it! One of my friends who had a boatload of crafts joined forces with me at a flea market. We had such a good time, sold a lot of items too. That was a long time ago and I know you will have as much fun as we did! Good luck.