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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Shop for a Good Cause

AFSneakers, a new group that was inspired by the "Sneak Attacks" on Etsy, is having its very first "Artfire Ambush" today! Here is our ning group: Today's "Un-Sub", selected shop, is AmyDesigns. Basically an Artfire Ambush is where a designated sneaker will browse around Artfire for a seller who hasn't had any sales yet, has a full shop, and a decent range of product. Then that person will be announced on the AFSneakers page and the members will go "Ambush" their shop with purchases! However our first Ambush has a bit of a twist... You may have heard that 100% of all of her sales today are going to the National Association for Down Syndrome in honor of her son's 21st birthday. Here is some info she posted in her studio:
Dean is my 2nd son of 4. In honor of his 21st birthday, any proceeds from sales TOMORROW, TUES., APRIL 7, 2009 will be donated to the National Association for Down Syndrome. I will be ever grateful that they were there when Dean was born!
To try and get as many participants as possible, we know that not everyone is able to afford to purchase something, we will also be accepting donations for her. Come by and visit the ning for more information. Even a simple promotion of her shop would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading! We've already raised $71.50 in donations and will be accepting donations until 10:00pm CST. -AJ, 3zArt

1 comment:

Jazzy Jemz said...

Amy is such a wonderful person! Im glad you are sneaking her today!