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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Joy, Respect, and Harmony

Being 3 words I try to live by myself, I just fell in love with this bracelet by JewelryByJanzia. The clasp, charms, and chain are all made with silver plated affirmation. Also if you spend $50 or more in her Artfire Studio she offers free shipping(however if you spend under $50 her shipping prices are very, very reasonable)!!! A few words from Janzia's Bio, I first became interested in making jewelry when I commented on liking a pair of my neighbors earrings and she told me that her daughter had made them. I was amazed by the idea that you could make your own earrings and a little seed was planted. The next time I went to my local library I checked out every book I could on jewelry making. I read everything I could on the subject but wasn't really spurred to action until I went to a jewelry party (not the handcrafted kind but a company sponsored one). I loved everything I saw but after reading so much about it I kept thinking to myself I could make that. I figured by this point it was time to stop thinking about it and start doing something. I went home and scoured all my books once again and then made my first piece which I gave to my mom for her birthday. After that there was no stopping me. Run by her studio and pick you up a lovely bracelet today, or grab a last minute Mother's Day gift!


Tracy said...

Gorgeous bracelet...I love the serenity of the composition and materials!

BTW, saw you at ArtFire today...thanks so much for helping with learning how to add photos to posts/threads there--your tutorial helped me see the light at last--thank you! :o)

janzia said...

Thanks for the shout out!