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Friday, November 28, 2008

Purple, Orange, & Black Friday

So last night was the one day of the week that I allowed myself to drink(sadly wine does not fit well into my diet) & of course I stayed up too late! The good part is I also snagged another Treasury. This is the first time I've ever gotten in the Treasury & Treasury West in the same night. Here is my new Treasury: I will add a list of everyone featured here in a little bit...took me forever to do it last night!
Today is Black Friday. I really, really want to do some online Christmas shopping but I'm still short on my car payment that's due in a few days. I also just got an e-mail offer for 53% (I don't know why they picked 53) percent off Microsoft Office 2007 which I could really use as my trial is about to expire. I cheated the trial long enough that I've made it last almost 3 months heh heh (I would open the programs, leave them open & just put my computer in sleep...probably not too great for the laptop). Surprisingly no sales from my Etsy Black Friday Free Shipping sale. I did sell a mouse pad on there and 2 switch plates on Ebay. Maybe I will continue the sale on through tonight.
Only one day of classes (well & finals) left this semester wooooohoooooo!! I have 2 papers due Tuesday that of course I am putting off. I am writing my Classical Argument over how Etsy needs to prioritize the changes that need to be made. It has been a lot of fun writing but I've had to be very careful not to start ranting. Its funny writing Classical Arguments...I always feel like I am having an argument with myself. English Prof. actually read my Rough Draft to the class (I think because I am the only one that gets the opposing views section). Maybe I will make some sales from that lol =) Well I am off to Work...or shop...probably play Solitaire Pyramid. Then eat something involving leftover turkey & stuffing. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!! -3zArt


Kathy said...

Love the treasuries! Great colors. Kids should be here in a a little while for our celebration. I am so hungry! So much for the diet today!

Adorebynat said...

Love the colors you pick!Adore By Nat