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Thursday, December 11, 2008

After a day like today, a full moon makes too much sense!

I felt like someone was walking behind me all day singing the twilight zone theme song. It all started when I listed an item this morning on Art Fire, posted the link on twitter, clicked the link and the item was no longer there. Much to my surprise it was not a glitch and had actually sold! (and there was much rejoicing aaaahhhhh). Well I go and click on the invoice and the buyer was "ArtFire President" thus the freaking out began! Not only am I sitting here on a huge coffee buzz, stressing out about my final in a few hours, now I have to remake this light plate to send to Art Fire. So of course, the fabric is no where to be found! I'm spazzing out, trying to study, and searching for this fabric. Then, sale after sale starts coming in! I am grateful for any and every sale but I don't think they could have had worse timing. I finally had to recruit my mom to come help me as my head was on the verge of exploding. Well my day pretty much went on & on (even to this moment) in the same manner. The good news is I am done with this semester yaaaay! Also I got an A on my Classical Argument(the insanely long essay a few posts down)!! The 1st day of class the professor told us that it was very likely no one in the class would get an A on a paper and I was determined to prove him wrong (maybe that was his goal from the beginning) and after many papers I finally did! I won't know all of my grades until Monday but even without knowing the grades I'm pretty proud of my performance this semester. Oh before I forget...has anyone else had the Art Fire President purchase from them or anyone have any clue what it means? I could not decide how to go about the transaction so I just did the normal shipping with the shipping confirmation. BTW If you haven't joined Art Fire you should! As of right now we are the guinea pigs (so to speak) but it is definitely going to pay off. By becoming one of the first so many verified users you will only be paying $7/month for life. I don't know if this is true but I have heard that once they are done testing & working everything out the rates are going up. Even if you don't sell anything the first few months $7 isn't bad. I mean we spend more in a day or two at Starbucks.... So if you decide to sign up feel free to use me as a referral:Register on and also feel free to ask me any questions if you have them. I'm not Art Fire genius but I have learned a few things. Hope everyone has a wonderful night!!!
-3zArt PS You can check out my Art Fire here:


Hippie Dippy Designs said...

Wow that is a weird day! Congrats on the sale though. = )

We just joined Artfire yesterday. We plan on putting items in our shop this weekend. How has it been working for you compared to Etsy?

Kathy said...

How cool is that. Good for you and congrats with the sales. Thanks for the great comment on my blog. I have learned so much over the years that I know what I can and cannot eat. Unfortunately I've been eating too much of what I shouldn't be eating lately and I feel yukky. I will use the test as a guide and get back on track. It's amazing how great you can feel when you give your body what it needs and don't fill it with drugs and chemicals. I am excited to get back on track, but it isn't going to be easy. I do the "eat what you want one day a week" thing too. Works great for me!

Sue said...

Wow! Can I come into your twilight zone? That is awesome that the ArtFire pres. purchased from you! You go girl!

Sara of Sell Handmade Crafts Online said...

Don't freak out too much about the one you sold to ArtFire. We know handmade products take time.

BTW, good work on your classical argument paper. The President of ArtFire and I met in business school, so we are big supporters of your choice to continue in your education.

Welcome to ArtFire and thanks for adding your voice and creative spirit to our community.


jean said...

Wow! Good for you!! I'm hoping to make a sale one of these days on Art Fire. Will be leaving etsy as a seller on Jan. 1, and if Art Fire doesn't work, then I give up!