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Friday, December 19, 2008

I'm back :)

Before I delve into everything about my trip....I got a 4.0 for this past semester!!!!! Yaaay I'm so happy all my hard work paid off! Also...Art Fire now has Shop Windows!! If you haven't started your Art Fire account yet you need to hurry and do it while there are still $7 accounts left! Sign up HERE! Make sure you get a verified account...its only $7/month and you get unlimited listing (and a lot of other cool stuff).
You may have noticed I've been neglecting the blog a bit much lately. Sheesh my last post was Thursday, Dec. 11th! Well thankfully my Christmas rush finally came in this past weekend, I guess everyone is like me and waits until the last minute to do their Christmas shopping. Monday was my Birthday and my mom was planning on taking me on a mini vacation. I tried as hard as I could to get all of my orders packed up Sunday but they just kept coming in so that evening I finally had to put my shop on vacation. Then Monday came around and it still took me until 2:00pm to finish packing them up, so we didn't leave for my trip until almost 3. Luckily its only a 4 hour drive from here to Albuquerque...ha....ha! We checked the weather forcast before we left and it wasn't supposed to get below freezing until after 9pm and there was only 30% chance of LIGHT snow. Well we are driving for about hour and the snow starts coming down pretty good. Drive about another hour and the roads are completely covered in snow and ice, and the left lane is so covered in snow there basically is no left lane. So we still have about 120 or so miles to go and are in a line of traffic on in the right hand lane averaging about 30. On top of that the stupid semi's keep passing everyone in the non-existent left lane and swerving towards all of the other cars almost forcing them off the road. Happy Birthday AJ! Finally get to Albuquerque and our hotel. Roads are too bad to go to the casino and the casino won't come pick us up :( Luckily there was a Japanese restaurant right by the hotel so we got to have a nice dinner (and lots of sake). Here is a sushi cake my mom ordered. It was beautiful, but not really for me. I don't really like fish....I'm very particular about the texture of my food, but I really want to like sushi so I always try it and we always order some. I also got some shrimp tempura rolls. They were awesome and this place actually made them where you could fit the piece in your mouth! Usually they are gigantic. Oh I also forgot my real camera...that should have been a sign that something was wrong with the trip! Tuesday morning came and the roads had cleared up enough to go to the casino yaaayyy!!! Took forever for my mom to get up and out of bed but we were finally on our way! We were going to drive around and look for another hotel (cheaper...we had gotten our first night using some reward points) as the weather hadn't cleared up enough to make the trip back, but once the casino was in sight we just had to go in! We went and signed up for our player's cards and they gave us a voucher to stay in the resort for $100--SOLD! The room was beautiful!!! The picture is when we were driving up to the casino (you can kind of see the casino on the left hand side of the pic). We didn't win a whole bunch of money but we didn't spend too much either. I managed to play on $20 for about 4 hours. We also had dinner and drinks for under $30 and were the only people in the restaurant/bar so that was kind of cool. We had to check out Wednesday so I was up & playing slots at 8 that morning! Mom joined me at about 10 and we ended up staying until almost 3 whoops :) We did manage to rack up enough Player's card points that we had a free meal before we left. We really wanted to put our points towards playing some bingo but it was getting way too late. The drive back was pretty good, except my Ebay vacation settings weren't working for some reason so I kept making sales the entire trip and was stressing out about all of that on the way home. Now time to get my motivation back and get some work done! I'm going to try and take lots of new product pics today and get new items posted on my Art Fire and then try and start editing all of my Ebay listings....they are such a mess!

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