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Thursday, December 4, 2008


I will do my pilates...I will do my pilates. I'm so full of excuses not to do them..I have to clean my room so I will have room for my mat, can't clean my room because of the spiders (they are bad. We've been here since May 1 black widow, 2 brown recluses, and many very large wolf spiders). I have been hardcore dieting once again and have almost gotten down to my desired weight. I can button my "skinny" (not designer skinny jeans but my jeans I bought with the hopes I would lose weight and be able to wear them) jeans. They may not be flattering in the stomach area but I can button them! I just have got to get myself to start doing my pilates daily and I think I will be good. I like Denise Austin's Pilates for Everybody. She gets pretty annoying with her "Girdle of Strength" talk but after watching it a few times you can mute it and play your own music. I really like that DVD because after a week of using it I start to feel more flexible (I'm a very stiff person) and I can balance myself a lot better (I'm also very clumsy). So the worst part of my diet is that I can no longer have my nightly glass(es) of wine. I am only allowing myself 1 night a week to drink. In my opinion you have to give yourself a day a week to bend the rules or else you will "relapse" in no time. The really awesome thing is that since I have cut back on the vino I have had a lot more energy. Usually by 2pm I am exhausted and cannot get much more accomplished but lately I've been very energized up until about 8pm.
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I don't like complaining but I just want to say this one thing. It really sucks when you are trying to make your birthday plans and have to be more concerned with what everyone else wants to do and not hurting their feelings rather than getting to do whatever you want for your birthday. hmph. -3zArt


Kathy said...

I make lots of excuses to not do my pilates too, but spiders is not one of them! No spiders here. Seriously, pilates and yoga make me so much more flexible and stronger. I love it....when I do it. I'm trying to get in shape too and I even post my daily success or lack of on my blog. It keeps me accountable! Good luck with it. Skinny jeans are great!

¤~∙3zArt∙~¤ said...

Well and the remarkable thing is once you get back into the swing of doing your pilates it kind of turns into an addiction! I will do my pilates tomorrow... :) I will and I expect all of you to yell at me if I am online at noon instead of doing my pilates!