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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Treasury, Artfire, & Some Pics

So today is the unofficial beginning of my Christmas Break. I still have finals next week but I'm going to take it as easy as I can until then. I stayed in my bathrobe until almost 2:30 today. It was wonderful! While lounging about a created my "Theeeeyyyy're Grape" Treasury:
Then after I finished creating my treasury I learned that I was featured in a fantastic treasury made by Glass Identities. Thanks so much!!! I also started listing today on Artfire. You can get to my shop at I've gotten 23 items listed and am very excited about it and wanted to let everyone know the pro's & con's I have discovered so far. Pros: STATS I have visited them 30 times already(they even show anytime a link to one of your items have been posted on the web), Awesome 1 Page listing (you can even fill out the rest of the listing information while the picture is uploaded), $7.00 a month gets you A LOT of extra stuff, the forums seem pretty friendly, the shop layout looks wonderful, and there is a list where you can see everything they are working on/adding to the site! Cons: There is no option to turn off the e-mail notification everytime you add a new listing (if you are like me and get your e-mails to your phone that is very annoying. In the forums I was told they are working on adding that option though), the site can be a little glitchy..I've had a few problems but nothing major, and thats all I've really noticed so far. Im sure there will be many more pro's and con's down the road but so far I like what I see! Now I have 2 pictures I wanted to share. The first of my "Tree at Dusk" I was waiting for a sunset that never came(it was just gray then dark) but managed to get this picture:
Tree at dusk 11/30/08
And then last night after I got home and in my comfy clothes I looked out the front window and got this awesome picture:
Sunset 12/2/08
When I'm out and waiting for the sunset I get nothing, and when I'm unprepared they are amazing lol. That's the way it always works! Anyway I hope everyone is having a wonderful day! We're supposed to have a snow storm tonight =) I love the snow when I don't have to get out in it. -3zArt
Update on ArtFire! There IS an option to turn off the e-mail notification for everytime you list an item, it is on the actual create listing page in the upper right hand corner. Also I was in the forums asking about a glitch and one of the administrators answered the forum himself saying he had fixed the problem and everything should be back to normal. You rock Artfire!

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Drew said...

Yay Artfire!! :-)