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Monday, March 9, 2009

Abandoned Rabbits

Our pooch, Lilly, discovered a nest with 2 baby rabbits in it 2 days ago.  Luckily I was outside at the time and was able to get to them before she did anything other than sniff them.  We covered back up the nest and made a little barrier around it to keep the dogs out.  Also put a little stick over the nest so we could see if the momma came by.

The next morning it appeared the stick had been moved. We peeked in the nest and the rabbits still seemed perky and even hopped a little. So we covered the nest back up and put the stick back. A little while later we saw a grown rabbit stop by our fence for a few moments and then hop off.

Then this morning I am looking out the window and saw a rabbit looking in the fence again for a moment, then hop off. At this point I started to get worried and went outside to check on the babies. They were both very still and it didn't look like they had made it through the night. I picked one up and it moved just a little bit and let out a little "meep". I grabbed the other one and ran them inside, wrapped them up in some fleece and managed to get both to drink a little water.

After lots and lots of researching, and a plurk & Artfire spaz out, I got the general info to help keep them alive until I could get some help from the wildlife center. We have still not been able to get ahold of the wildlife center. We also called many vets in town and they all sent us somewhere else, apparently no one is too concerned with saving rabbits in Amarillo =( I went and bought some puppy milk and we finally got them to eat some (they're so sweet when they stick their little tongues out). We've got them nestled into a fleece "nest" in a little cardboard box on a heating pad set on 'low'. They're still doing pretty rough. Going to feed them again right before I go to bed and hope they make it through the night. From what I've read they are less than a week old, their little ears are still back and their eyes haven't opened yet.

The babies snuggling up after dinner

Waiting for his turn to eat

Soooo tiny

If anyone has any advice or experience with wild baby rabbits please share! Going to try and get ahold of the wildlife place again tomorrow, but for now looks like we're on our own!



Ambient Lights said...

Awww, no advice but they sure are CUTE!!! I'm one who rescues dogs walking around to bring them back to their home (we live in a small town lol) and help wildlife when I can too. I sure hope the little guys do ok and you can get some better help for them soon! *hugs & kisses* for adorable little bunnies :)

Deb (On Cupcake Moon) said...

i am just like ambient lights... i am the animal rescue squad myself! i wish i knew something of use to help with these baby bunnies but i don't. best of luck to you and the furry little ones!

Brandy said...

That first picture is just so precious. I'm really pullin for these guys. I hope they make it and I hope you can get them some help.


Be sure to keep us updated. I'll be eagerly checking plurk tomorrow. Good luck!

coltpixy said...

We raised a baby rabbit 15 years ago. My dog found it and placed it in my husband's hand. It was very tiny with eyes not open yet. My vet told us to feed it kitten formula. We fed it with an eyedropper.
My daughter sang it to sleep every night. :) We could not release it because it was too tame and would not have made it in the wild. It learned to use a litter box like a cat.

babalisme said...

They haven't opened their eyes!! Poor little guys!! It means that they are not ready to be separated from their mom.

I suggest you buy a little eye dropper or baby's medicine dropper. I don't know if cow's milk suitable for them, but it seems we don't have any choice now. Putting them under a lamp might be a good idea to keep them warm.

Good luck!

Sue Choppers-Wife said...

Try a pet store, they more than likely have a formula, or google a rabbit breeder in your area...they'll know. I raised an abandoned squirrel in alaska on baby formula and baby cereal mix. Good luck!

Unknown said...

I love rabbits! I had a pair of rabbits when I was a kid and they have 5 babies which were so adorable. If I didn't have such a great birdie I get rabbits again!