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Monday, August 31, 2009

A "Real" Job?

For starters, I am saying "Real" job because many of those who have not sold their own handmade creations online/in person view it as a hobby. I know my family and close friends often ask me when I am going to get a "real" job and I have a feeling my fellow online entrepreneurs get asked the same thing. Anyway! As I said yesterday I applied for the position of Web Editor for the school paper (basically the person who takes the articles from the paper and puts them on the website). If you know me then you probably know that I would be highly qualified for this job (sounds a little conceded I know, but basically the position is a glorified copy-n-paste job...and I can copy and paste!). Well I felt the interview went pretty good. I told him about my business, my interests, and how am I very confident working a computer, etc. All was well until I had to fill out a darn application. If you are like me and in no way have had a traditional upbringing, you know how hard it is to fill out any form...especially if they do not leave you room to elaborate. Bottom line...I probably wouldn't have called me for an interview after seeing that application. Two more people will be interviewed today and then we'll know tomorrow. I guess I just have to hope that the application was just a formality and that my confidence in myself to do the job well showed in the interview. I really hope I get the job! This is such a wonderful opportunity to dip my toe in the pool of journalism...well *fingers crossed*
Took this a few weeks ago on the way to the airport.

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