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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Birthday Jackets

So my Birthday is coming up (yay!) and I am actually gettting presents this year...I think :) There will be at least one more person celebrating with me this year, My Grandmother. Last year was my 21st mom & I went to a Japanese steakhouse...had a few bottles of sake...and I think I was home in bed by 10:30! At least I didn't have a hang over the next morning. Anyway I know for sure my Grandmother is getting me a jacket so I have started shopping. Here is a Vintage 60's Red Peacoat from Decades.Etsy.Com I am going to post a few more that I have found so will probably see a recurring theme!
Here is a cute Plaid Trenchcoat from Forever21 I'm actually pretty impressed with their jackets this year.
A vintage Pendleton Wool Coat. This one from
This Yellow Felt Coat also from Forever21
And last but not least this fabulous Vintage 60's Tweed Houndstooth Coat from I don't know how I will ever decide! I haven't even searched Ebay yet (Comp is really acting up today and won't load Ebay grrr). I used to have this fantastic light blue & Pink Plaid Tweed Jacket but I lost it when I moved to Hawaii.

I think I am going to try to go to JoAnn's at about 7 tonight in hopes that there isn't so much of a crowd. I need to buy some more scrapbook paper so I can make some Gift Certificates of different values (and a little easier to read). Had a few sales this morning on Ebay and 1 custom order on Etsy! I hope it keeps coming, I'm really, really motivated today. Hopefully it lasts throughout the entire day and isn't just really a coffee buzz *<:o)


jean said...

I love them all...but the houndstooth is my favorite. Have a very Happy Birthday!

Kathy said...

Love the jackets. Really cute! Be sure to let us know what one you end up with!

Unknown said...

Nice jackets! I can see what style you like! Have a happy birthday, and good luck with the presents!

Zetta Evans said...

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